Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: World Hash Events: May 2022

World Hash Events: May 2022

Hello hashers,

Unfortunately . . . INTERHASH 2022 in Trinidad has been CANCELLED . . . But . . .

We're hashing in Trinidad anyway, if you want details on trails . . . join - this is a totally grass roots NO FRILLS effort to allow those hashers that still want to go, or have to go due to airline or hotel ticketing issues, etc.

If you are still planning to travel to Trinidad during the week of 25 Apr - 1 May for OUTERHASH 2022, and want to join us for some hash trails, please fill out this form so we know how many will be there.

Some of the PRELUBE and POSTLUBE events are still a go as well . . .

Prelube Cruise . . . sailing from Barbados,

Postlube Adventure . . . in Brazil,

Postlube to Guyana . . . Mu-sick is also working on an option flying to Georgetown, Guyana departing POS on Monday, 2 May, and taking an all- day tour of Kaieteur Falls (world's highest single drop waterfall - three times the height of Niagara Falls) and Orinduik Falls 3 May,  with a weather backup of the next day (4 May) and perhaps a hash with Guyana H3. 


Well, the tail end of the pandemic is still effecting some hash events, but in general, the hash world is coming back to (a somewhat new) normal. 

Here are the BIG events coming up . . .

Pan Africa Hash         (Jun 2022) - Uganda (website update in progress)
Inter Scandi            (Jul 2022) - Estonia
Pan Asia                (Oct 2022) - Indonesia
Mekong Indo             (Nov 2022) - Cambodia (official announcement pending)
Inter Gulf              2022 - Nothing announced yet
Inter Cauc              2022 - Nothing announced yet
Pan SoAm                (Jun 2023) - Brazil
Euro Hash               (Aug 2023) - The Netherlands
Inter Americas          (Sep 2023) - Colombia
INTERHASH               2024 - TBD


United States           (May 2022)
Dutch                   (Jul 2022)
Germany                 (Jul 2022)
Philippines             (Feb 2023)
Australia               (Mar 2023)
New Zealand             (Apr 2023)
United Kingdom  (Aug 2023)

See additional information and links to all these events at

Don't see your major event on the list . . . let me know and it will be added.


Where will the NEXT INTERHASH be?   It is also time to start thinking about the BIDS.  So far, there are registered bids for Queenstown, New Zealand and Goa, India.  A bid is being developed for Turkey (more to follow on that one).

A secure "ONLINE" voting system is being developed to make your vote heard.  Info to be published soon.


HASH HISTORY: If you missed it, here are the latest releases . . .

In the Spotlight - 1938 -             

In the Spotlight - Costa Rica -       

In the Spotlight - Ian Young -

In the Spotlight - Horse Thomson -

New articles being published often . . .  See dozens more at

I am currently in the United Arab Emirates attending the Creek H3 2000th Run, and will have other new HHH History articles to share soon.


So, who is the King of the Hill? 

Last month I asked the question of . . . who is the longest active hasher (not the oldest), and from what I can tell, still active Richard C. A. "Mountain Rescue" McAllister began hashing in Brunei in 1965, and second would be Bob "Drainoil" Leonard who started hashing on 7 Feb 1966.  There is still room for additional submissions, for longest currently active hasher.


From the WAY BACK MACHINE, hash happenings this month . . . (Note: some hashers have reported that the links below sometimes do not work.  That is due the "html" getting snipped off after the period, due to the width of the text.  To make it work, just make sure the link ends in ".html")





Upcoming hash events for the month of May 2022 are listed below.  See the website for more details:

May 6-8
Boozy Luzy Away Weekend
Hosted by the Riviera H3 in Calanques/Marseille, France.

May 13-15
Away Hash
Hosted by the Brasilia H3 in Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Brazil.

May 13-15
2300th Run
Hosted by the Gold Coast H3 at the Beaudesert Caravan Park, Australia.

May 13-15
Friday 13th Two Night Stand Horror Hash Campout
Hosted by the Luna Ticks H3 in Franklin, NC, USA.

May 14-15
Inaugural Hash
Hosted by the O-Kiss-Me H3 in Orlando, FL, USA.

May 20-22
AGM - Weekend at Bernie's
Hosted by the Mount Vernon H3 in Dewey Beach, DE, USA.

May 27-29
Island Weekend
Hosted by the Athens H3 on the island of Corfu, Greece,  This event has an additional optional day in Albania.

May 27-29
Voodoo Campout
Hosted by the Voodoo H3 in Hammond, LA, USA.

May 27-30
USA Nash Hash
Hosted by the Gulf Coast H3 in Cleveland, AL, USA.

See the whole three year calendar of upcoming events at
If you know of an upcoming event not posted to the calendar, please send me the info. 


Hashing is fun!  See you on trail someday . . . :O)

Keeper of the old rusty pail, and Chief of the Royal Order of the Smelly Shoe!  (Since 1998)     


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On on!