Sunday Hash 10 November

Sunday's trail is set. Hares are Flaccido Domingo and Rolling Bitch. Meet at Areyksat ferry terminal at 2:20Pm.
Do not go to the train station. There is no truck this week.

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Hash Calendar

Provisional Hash calendar:

09th Nov, Songkhla Hash House Harrier's 2,000th run
10th Nov, Water Festival (no truck) hash
12th Nov, Mekong Indochina Hash.
24th Nov, It's someone's birthday!
14th Dec, Saturday, Christmas Hash Bash.
29th Dec, 1,500th run! Register now to get your preferred t-shirt size.
TBD PP Nash Hash as pre-lube to Inter Mekong.
TBD 2020 Inter Mekong Hash in Myanmar.

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Christmas Hash Bash!

Christmas party time - Saturday December 14th at about 6PM.
To be held at our favourite location -
It is $40 per head, but $30 for regular hashers.
Regular hashers means you must have attended 10 times in the last 6 months, or, hare'd once in the last 6 months.

Hareline report

Hareline Report - 17th November - BALD!
We need hares! Do you want a Hash name? Do you want to drink beer for free? Then become a hare! (And we will pay for the paint!).
10 NOV - Flaccido Domingo and Rolling Bitch, pending confirmation
17 NOV - Bald!
24 NOV - Sucking Fag + trainee hare??? (go on!)
15 DEC - BALD!
22 DEC - BALD!
29 DEC - 1500 Run Hash! Register now to get your correct shirt size.

Sunday Hash 3rd November

The trail is set for tomorrow, Sunday 3rd November. The Hares are Ali Wank Bonk and Tinkerbell. Meet at the Railway Station at 2.15 pm. The walk is 4.5 kms and the run is 9.5 kms.
For those who wish to make their own way to the start point it is at Phneat Sampily Monastery

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1500 run special event!

29th December will be our 1500th run. So for fun we thought we'd put on some beer...

...and some other stuff too. Click the link below to check it out!

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