Sunday Hash 8th December

The for tomorrow is set. It will start from near Wat Kouk Ampil.
Meet at the train station at 2:00pm for a 2:20pm departure. For those who want to go straight to the start, follow map.
Hares are Flaccido Domingo and From Behind. On On!

Register now for upcoming events!

Don't forget the Hash Christmas Ball and 1500 Run events are fast approaching. Friday is your last chance to register your t-shirt size for the 1500 run, otherwise you'll just get any size given to you on the day! And the Ball is on the 14th and we need numbers please! Email to register.

On On!

Hareline Report - BALD!!

Hareline Report - 22 December - BALD!
We need hares! Do you want a Hash name? Do you want to drink beer for free? Then become a hare! Virgin hares will be paired up with an un-virgin Hare!
8 DEC - Flaccido, From Behind and Apov
15 DEC - Thalidoskid and Sovath
22 DEC - BALD!
29 DEC - 1500 Run Hash! with Smelly Codpiece and and Mental Disorder haring.

Sunday Hash 1st December

The trail is set for tomorrow, Sunday 1st December. The Hares are Paparasa and Smelly Codpiece. Meet at the Railway Station at 2.15 pm. The walk is approximately 6 kms or 3 kms and the run is approximately 11 kms. For those who wish to make their own way to the start point it is at the northern side of Prasat Pagoda (Wat Prasat).
On on!

Provisional Hash Calendar

Provisional Hash calendar:

* 14th Dec, Saturday. Christmas Hash Bash. Send an email to to register.
* 29th Dec, 1,500th run! If you want a t-shirt in the correct size, send an email to by first week of December to register. More information here:
* TBD PP Nash Hash as pre-lube to Inter Mekong.
* TBD 2020 Inter Mekong Hash in Myanmar.

Hash Ball - 14 December

Hashers, registration is open for the 2019 Hash Ball.
Date: Saturday December 14th.
Venue: est. Bar, #19 Street 214 Phnom Penh.
Prices are $40 for Barangs, and $30 for Khmers who are regular hashers. Regular hashers are those who have done at least 10 runs or set a trail in the last six months. To register, send an email to

On On!