Sunday Hash 20th October

Run for Sunday's Hash is set. Thanks to co-hare Lars. Starting point is here: Sangkat Preaek Ta Sek, Phnom Penh,
See you all at the railway station at 2:15PM.
On, On!
Vestal Virgin.

Relive 'Last Sunday's Hash Run. Thanks to the hares.'

Hareline Report

Hareline Report - 10th November - BALD!
We need hares! Do you want a Hash name? Do you want to drink beer for free? Then become a hare! (And we will pay for the paint!).
20 OCT - Vestal Virgin + wannabe hare in training???
27 OCT - Smelly Codpiece and Tony Bajada
3 NOV - Ali Wank Bonk and Tinkerbell.
10 NOV - Bald!
17 NOV - Bald!
24 NOV - Bald!

Sunday Hash 13th October

The trail is set thanks to my co-hares Jay and Surfing Cindy. We're going to Phnom Prasit for a good long walk and decent run. For those driving, we'll be starting near the top of the north hill, about 150 meters down the road from the peak at the usual spot - Meet at the train station at 2:15pm.

Sucking Fag. On on!

Sunday Hash 6th October

See you at the PP train station at 2:15PM. Bring your $5. Sorry, no other details to share!!

On On!

Provisional Hash Calendar

Provisional Hash calendar:
* October sometime, random boat hash
* 09th Nov, Songkhla Hash House Harrier's 2,000th run. (See below).
* 12th Nov, Mekong Indochina Hash.
* 14th Dec, Christmas Hash Bash.
* 29th Dec, 1,500th run!
* TBD PP Nash Hash as pre-lube to Inter Mekong.
* TBD 2020 Inter Mekong Hash in Myanmar

About the Songkhla Hash 2,000th run: Songkhla Hash House Harriers' 2000th run will take place on 9th November 2019 and I am writing to invite you and your chapter members to join us in celebrating this milestone. The event will feature long, medium and short runs to suit all tastes and abilities and the registration fee of 800 Baht will include a sumptuous Thai buffet dinner and beer and soft drinks during the circle and throughout the evening. However, for practical reasons we will be limiting the number of registrations to 150, so at this stage we need to know the number of hashers intending to join us and their T shirt sizes, and that information can be sent to me at the above e mail address, not later than 9th October.
I hope that some of you will be able to join us for this momentous event in SH3's history and we can assure you all of a very warm welcome and a great day's hashing in Songkhla.
On! On! Egghead, SH3 On Sec