Sunday Hash 16th June

The trail is set for tomorrow (Sunday 16 June). The Hares are Paparasa, Richard Robinson and Smelly Codpiece.
Meet at the Railway Station at 2.15 pm. 
For those who wish to make their own way to the start point it is on the waste ground opposite the eastern entrance to Sovannavatty Pagoda, here: 11.746950, 105,013137 -

On On!

Provisional Hash Calendar

Lots of maybe's in this list! Feedback welcome!

7th Jul - 4th July boat and bbq run
25th Aug - Committee Erection
27th Sep - Pchum Ben, potential outstation (more likely)
19th Oct - Potential ball date
10th Nov - Water Festival, potential outstation (unlikely)
17th Nov - Mekong Indochina Hash.

Hareline Report - 23 June BALD!

Hareline Report - 23 & 30 June BALD!
We need hares! Do you want a Hash name? Do you want to drink beer for free? Then become a hare! (And we will pay for the paint!).
16 JUN - Smelly Codpiece & Richard Robinson
23 JUN - BALD!
30 JUN - BALD!
7 JUL - Sir Pants
14 JUL - BALD!
21 JUL - BALD!
28 JUL - BALD!

Relive Flaccido's Sunday run!

Follow Flaccido on the map as he runs!

Sunday Hash 9th June

This Sunday's trail will be around Udong temple set by Thalidoskid, Squeeze me in and Sovath.
The starting point is here, right hand side at the first intersection of Udong temple and meditation centre. 11°47'59.2"N 104°46'01.6"E
We'll be meeting at 2:15pm Sunday at train station and hopefully to leave right away at 2:30pm as it'll take us approximately 1:15h to get there.
Hope to see our awesome hashers tmr. Off Off, opss, On On 😁