Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers

This Sunday's trail, 23rd January


This Sunday's trail has been set. Meet at the train station ( at 1:45pm to get the truck (wear a hat) for a 2:00pm departure. We'll be crossing the ferry opposite Naga World so you can catch the truck as it passes at 2:15pm. It's an A to A trail.

For those driving, the run start is here: Be there for 2:45pm

On on!

World Hash Events: March 2022

Hello hashers,

Now that the major holiday season is behind us, its time to think about
hashing again.  The first major event of 2022 will be the Aussie Nash Hash
in March, but it appears it may be limited due to continued health concerns.
Best wishes to all those down under.  Right after that, in April . . .

We are just THREE months away from Interhash2020 in 2022 in Trinidad and
Tobago . . . Many hashers have unfortunately had to cancel their plans, so
there are currently over 100 regos for immediate resale from your fellow
hashers.  Over 200 regos have now exchanged hands at early bird prices.  If
you are interested in joining in on the fun, and do not yet have a
registration for the event, or the red dress run, there are many Regos
available at early bird prices, see the details and form to sign up on the
website at


Next month, on 11 February, let's all celebrate the life of Alberto Esteban
Ignacio Gispert, or "G" as we know him, the founder of the Hash House
Harriers.  That day marks the 80th year since his untimely death sustained
during World War 2.  An account of the life of "G" can be found at


The first major update of the HHH Genealogy Project is nearing completion.   Along with the
elimination of several duplicate entries, the addition of many hundred new
website URLs and logos have been included, so the database continues to
grow.  If you see any other additions, updates, or corrections needed,
please email me directly.  As of today, over 2500 club listings have been
reviewed and updated over the past year, and just recently all of Europe and
Africa are now complete.  The only remaining records to be reviewed are
those clubs in Malaysia and Indonesia, which account for the last 450 club
listings currently in the database.  When complete, we should have a better
idea of how many active clubs there currently are, and so far it appears
there are somewhere between 1300 to 1400. 


One more list for the hash history buffs, the spread of hashing to each of
the continents (as far as we currently know), is as follows:

* Asia - Hash House Harriers in 1938 (a.k.a. Mother Hash) Kuala Lumpur,
Malaya (now Malaysia)
* Europe - Dhekelia H3 in 1967 (Jan) (on Cyprus)
* Australia - Sydney H3 in 1967 (Sep)
* Africa - Benghazi H3 in 1968 (in Libya)
* Zealandia - Auckland H3 in 1970
* North America - Ft Eustis H3 in 1971 (in Virginia)
* South America - Lima H3 in 1981 (in Peru)
* Antarctica - Casey H4 in 1990

More on the history of the HHH at


From the Way Back Machine, hash happenings this month . . .





Upcoming hash events for the month of March 2022 are listed below.  See the
website for more details:

Mar 3-6
Green Dress Run
Hosted by the Savannah H3 in Savannah, GA, USA.

Mar 18-20
2nd Anal Hermann Invasion Green Dress Run
Hosted by the Lewis & Clark H3 in Hermann, MO, USA.

Mar 24-26
2000th Run
Hosted by the Creek H3 in Dubai, UAE.

Mar 25-27
Oklahoma Interhash (OKIH)
Hosted by the Oklahoma City H3 in Lake Eufaula State Park, OK, USA.

Mar 25-27
Green Dress Run
Hosted by the Big Hump H3 in St Louis, MO, USA.

Mar 25-27
Aussie Nash Hash
Hosted by the Adelaide H3 in Adelaide, Australia.

See the whole three year calendar of upcoming events at         
If you know of an upcoming event not posted to the calendar, please send me
the info. 


Hashing is fun!  See you on trail someday . . . :O)

Keeper of the old rusty pail, and Chief of the Royal Order of the Smelly
Shoe!  (Since 1998)     


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On on!

Thus Sunday's trail, January 16th


This Sunday's trail has been set. Meet at the train ( station at 1:45pm to get the truck for a 2:00pm departure. You'll be crossing the ferry opposite Naga World so you can the truck as it passes at 2:15pm.

On on!

This Sunday's Hash, 9th January


There will be a Hash this week. 

Meet at the ferry terminal opposite Naga World at 2:15pm for a 2:30pm departure

The run & walk will start from the horse paddock in Areaksatre. No tut-tuk and no run fee. The running hare is Scummy Quim and the walking hare is Cum in Cider. 

On on!