Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: Announcing the 1,600 run!

Announcing the 1,600 run!


The 1,600 run will take place on the 21st November, will include a boat trip and bbq and special edition hat (optional!) NB: this is a well-subsidized trip (for those who run with us regularly) and there is a limit of 50 places only (by order of the Royal Government of Cambodia) so please register asap and bring the exact run fee next week! Regulars will be prioritised!

Prices for regulars (who have run 10 runs or set a trail in the last 12 months):*
- $6 Khmer with no hat
- $10 Foreigner with no hat
- $10 Khmer with hat
- $14 Foreigner with hat
- $6 for children 5-15 year olds (no hats)

Prices for non regulars:
- $10 non-regular Khmer with no hat
- $15 non-regular Khmer with hat
- $15 non-regular foreign with no hat
- $20 non-regular foreign with hat

Register now with this link:

*If you are not sure of your number of hashes don't worry, select the one you think is correct and all will be double-checked. New Hashers who are coming regularly will be considered as 'regulars'.

On on!