Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: In the Spotlight – A long overdue revision to The first 10 known Hash House Harriers Clubs

In the Spotlight – A long overdue revision to The first 10 known Hash House Harriers Clubs

In the Spotlight - A long overdue revision to The first 10 known Hash House Harriers Clubs
By Ed "Hazukashii" Howell
20 Sep 2021

The process of updating and editing Bill Panton's amazing HHH Genealogy Project, by validating existing information, and adding logos, dates, and various other details that are missing, continues. Occasionally I come upon corrections that are needed, and this month several very significant corrections have been made.  It started with a question from my old friend Drainoil, who questioned the order of the Penang H3 and Ipoh H3.  He claimed that when he started hashing in 1966, it was common knowledge that Ipoh H3 was #6, and Penang was #7.  So an in-depth review ensued, with the following results.  Some appear to just be input errors, fat fingers, or whatever reason, but this month the shakeup directly focuses on the first 10 hash clubs that are known to have existed.  While I am always happy to receive and review new information . . . as of this moment, after corrections made, these are now the 10 oldest hash clubs (and be prepared for some additional revelations):

10.   Penang H3 - Founded on 10 May 1965, by Robin Rawlings.  No change, but moves from #8 to #10.
9.     Ipoh H3 - Founded 31 Jan 1965, by David "Mad Dog" Denning (a.k.a. Kinta H3).  Previous date in the genealogy was 9 Oct 1965, but has been updated.  Moves from #10 to #9.
8.     Jesselton H3 - Founded on 22 Jun 1964, by George Will (name changed to the Kota Kinabalu H3).  No change, moves from #7 to #8.
7.     Sibu H3 - Founded on 1 Jun 1964, founder unknown.  (Original club folded ~1966, but was restarted 8 Oct 1995 by Ambrose Chung).  No change, but moves from #6 to #7.
6.     Miri H3 - Founded sometime in 1963, by Ian Nash.  (Original club folded, but was restarted 27 May 1973).  Since the specific date in 1963 is unknown, the date is set to 31 December.  No change, moves from #5 to #6.  If a more specific date can be identified, this club could move up in the future.
5.     Sandakan H3 - Founded on 18 Oct 1963, by Jonathan Gray.  Upon review, it was discovered the date was wrong, posted as 18 Oct 1965, with correction to 1963, moves from #10 to #5.

The only shakeup in the top 4 was made back in 2013, when the 20 year mystery of the Bordighera H3, was discovered to be a hoax. 

4.     Kuching H3 - Founded on 21 May 1963, by Harry "God Knows" Howell - 
3.     Brunei H3 - Founded on 18 Feb 1963, by Colin Berwick - 
2.     Hash House Harriers Singapore - Founded on 19 Feb 1962, by Ian Cumming (a.k.a. Singapore H3, Father Hash) - 

1.      Hash House Harriers - It is common knowledge within the world of hashing, that the first HHH club (a.k.a. Hash House Harriers Kuala Lumpur . . . Mother Hash) was founded by Albert Stephen Ignatius "G" Gispert, with the assistance of a small group of mates.  Due to the advent of WWII, this original club was suspended on 12 Dec 1941, after run #117, but was reactivated in Aug 1946. No one know for sure exactly when the first hash run was set, but by current lore it is believed to have been ~ Sep-Dec 1938.  BUT . . . there has been on ongoing debate if this is actually true or not.  What we can confirm is that the 100th Hash (see attached) was held on 15 Aug 1941 (and 17 weeks later, run #117 was the last).  Counting backwards 100 weeks from 15 Aug 1941, would potentially make the first run on 22 Sept 1939, if there were no weeks missed.  The big questions are, did the old gang have a memory lapse?  Was there a major fat finger to the year?  It is obvious that the HHH ran weekly from #100-#117, but did the club run bi-weekly, or sporadically prior to the 100th run?  No one knows for sure.  Guess I have a major research project ahead of me . . . more to follow, and let the debate begin.

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