Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: Erections on 29th August

Erections on 29th August

Hashers, see the message below from our illustrious GM, Smelly Codpiece.

Dear Fellow Hashers

Erections for the new committee will be made on the 29th of August 2021. We look forward to receiving new applications from anyone who would like to join the committee, and to hearing their ideas as to how the Phnom Penh Hash could be better operated.

Committee positions available are as follows:
   GM - Grand Master - currently Smelly Codpiece
   RA - Religious Adviser - currently Flaccido Domingo
   Hash Cash - self explanatory - currently Loan Shark
   Hash Fash - in charge of t-shirt designs, etc - currently Cheap Date
   Hash Stats - keeps a record of attendees, hares, etc - currently Sucking Fag
   Hash Flash - the Hash Photographer - currently Beaver Shot
   Hash IT - our tech wizard - currently IT Can't Paint
   Hare Raiser - tasked with making sure we have hares each week - currently Get It Done Up The Bum
   Hash Haberdashery - in charge of T-shirt and merchandise sales - currently Paparasa
   Hash Brew - in charge of beverage organisation - currently Um Coming
   Hash Bash - organises Hash Parties! - open position
   Hash Choir Master - tries to teach us new songs - open position
   Hash Scribe - writes a short piece summarising the week's hash - open position.

On on!