Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: Fwd: World Hash Events: September 2020

Fwd: World Hash Events: September 2020

Hello hashers,

Guess what . . . More hash event additions, postponements, and cancellations.  Pan China Nash Hash is back on for September.  The Bangkok Harriettes will host their 2000th Run in August.  Mekong Indochina has postponed until Nov 2021.  USA Nash Hash has postponed until 2021 (the same weekend as InterAmericas), so that may be interesting.  Colorado InviHash has cancelled.  There are also a few other new additions, see the whole list below. 

Many hash clubs are restarting weekly / regularly scheduled hash runs around the world (Germany, France, Thailand, Jamaica, and others).  Events are starting to take place again, and we recently hosted the 2000th running of the Honolulu, Hawaii H3 this past weekend.  The bad news though, we have a category 4 storm headed our way, due to hit Oahu on Sunday afternoon.  Whoa Nelly, hope our little grass shacks don't blow away.  If we make it through, I'll have some new "In The Spotlight" articles coming out next month. 


CORRECTION from last month . . . July marks the "15th" Anniversary of the Digital Hash T-Shirt Museum.  Recent additions include one from the 600th Run of the Singapore H3 (7 Jul 1973), the fourth oldest known hash shirt . . . see the whole stack of over 1600 shirts -


As a reminder, if your schedule has changed for 2022, and you are either able or unable to attend INTERHASH, you can Buy or Sell a rego at . . . so far 6 registrations have been resold, and there are 19 IH and 7 Red Dress registrations available at reduced rates.


Current schedules for Major Regional Hash Events are:

PanAfricaHash                   2-4 Jul 2021 - Kampala, Uganda
PanAsia                         8-10 Oct 2021 - Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia
EuroHash                        19-22 Aug 2021 - Prague, Czech Republic
InterAmericas                   3-6 Sep 2021 - Medellin, Colombia
InterGulf                       2021 not scheduled yet
InterScandi                     2-4 Jul 2021 - Tallinn, Estonia
Mekong Indochina                26-28 Nov 2021 - Yangon, Myanmar

Links to the event websites are listed on the main page at


From the Way Back Machine, hash happenings this month . . .





Upcoming hash events for the month of September 2020 are listed below.  See the website for more details:   

Sep 3-8
InterGuam 2020
Hosted by the hash clubs of Guam, on Guam.

Sep 4-6
Lika Howling Weekend
Hosted by the Zagreb H4 in Lovinac, Ličko-Senjska, Croatia

Sep 4-6
ASS in the Great Outdoors
Hosted by the Atomic Sh*t Show H3 in Coleville, NV, USA.

Sep 4-6
Bubba's Don't Labor Campout
Hosted by the 7 Hills H3 in Lynchburg, VA, USA.

Sep 4-7 // Postponed to 2021
USA Nash Hash
Hosted by the Gulf Coast H3 in Cleveland, AL, USA.

Sep 4-7 // Cancelled
Colorado Invihash
Will take place at the Cuchara Village Inn, La Veta, CO, USA.

Sep 11-13
Campout at the Creek
Hosted by the Charlotte H3 in Leesville, SC, USA.

Sep 11-13
Red Dress Run
Hosted by the New York City H3 in New York City, NY, USA.

Sep 11-13
Pan China Nash Hash
Hosted by the Sanya H4 in Sanya, Hainan, China.

Sep 11-13
Hosted by the Tornado Alley H3 in Kanopolis State Park, KS, USA.

Sep 18-20
Boozy Luzy Calanques Away Weekend
Hosted by the Riviera H3 in Marseille, France.

Sep 18-20
2000th Run
Hosted by the Berlin H3 in Mirow, Germany.

Sep 18-20
Hash Springs
Hosted by the Palm Springs H3 in Palm Springs, CA, USA.

Sep 18 - Oct 3
Transatlantic Hash Cruise from Portugal to Colombia
Setting sail from Lisbon, Portugal, this cruise will get you to Cartagena, Colombia.

See the whole two year calendar of events at         

If you know of an upcoming event not posted to the calendar, please send me the info. 


Hashing is fun!  See you on trail someday . . . :O)

Keeper of the old rusty pail, and Chief of the Royal Order of the Smelly Shoe!  (Since 1998)     


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