Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: Fwd: World Hash Events: August 2020

Fwd: World Hash Events: August 2020

From: Hazukashii <>

Hello hashers,

While COVID still limits international movement, many clubs around the world are getting back to somewhat normal hashing . . . and some local hash events are starting to take place again.  Hashers in Missouri ran their annual Tie-Dye Hash last weekend.  Most events planned for July have been cancelled, but my own local club will be hosting our 2000th Run (although those that planned to fly in will not be able to attend without a 2 week quarantine, so have reimbursed them).  It is very likely the COVID spread will continue on for another year or more, but I wish hashers all over the world good health and a quick recovery should that be afflicted. 

Looking forward a few months, many events have recently been added to the calendar, as well as those that were postponed, are now scheduled for September (11), October (10), November (6), and December (1), with the hopes that things have settled down by then. 


July marks the 10th Anniversary of the Digital Hash T-Shirt Museum.  Always room for more shirt pictures, send your favorites in today. . . . see the whole stack of over 1600 shirts -

Additionally, Neptunus has been hard at work getting all the actual shirts on display in his HHH Museum in the Hague.  Check out the latest at


As a reminder, if your schedule has changed for 2022, and you are either able or unable to attend INTERHASH, you can Buy or Sell a rego at . . . so far 5 registrations have been resold, and there are 11 IH and 5 Red Dress registrations available at reduced rates.


Current schedules for Nash Hash Events are:

Australia       (Mar 2021)
Cambodia        (Nov 2020)
Denmark         (Jul 2021)
Dutch           (Oct 2020)
Germany         (Jul 2021)
New Zealand     (Feb 2021)
Philippines     (Feb 2021)
United States   (Sep 2020)

Links to the event websites are listed on the main page at


And, if you are looking for a little hash humor, make sure to check out Hash Boy . . .


If you want to get even more hash history, check out Shakesprick's page at


From the Way Back Machine, hash happenings this month . . .





Upcoming hash events for the month of August 2020 are listed below.  See the website for more details:   

Aug 7-9
Beach Stumble
Hosted by the Tampa Bay H3 in St Pete Beach, FL, USA.

Aug 14-16
Texas Interhash
Hosted by the Dallas Fort Worth H3 in Red Oak, TX, USA.

Aug 14-16
10th Anniversary
Hosted by the Alamogordo H3 in Cloudcroft, NM, USA.

Aug 21-23
Hosted by the Tornado Alley H3 in Lawrence, KS, USA.

Aug 28-30
Sexth Anal Covid Delayed, not quite MyWhorial Weekend
Hosted by the Skull & Boners H3 in Bristol, CT, USA.

Aug 28-31
2000th Run Weekend
Hosted by the Aberdeen H3 in Scotland.

Aug 28 - Sep 4 // Cancelled
FHKIT 16 - Return to Seoul
Hosted by the FHKIT H3 in Seoul, South Korea.

See the whole two year calendar of events at         

If you know of an upcoming event not posted to the calendar, please send me the info. 


Hashing is fun!  See you on trail someday . . . :O)

Keeper of the old rusty pail, and Chief of the Royal Order of the Smelly Shoe!  (Since 1998)     


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