Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: Fwd: World Hash Events: July 2020

Fwd: World Hash Events: July 2020

From Hazukashii

Hello hashers,

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, many hash clubs have gone into total hibernation, or virtual with circles conducted via ZOOM.  Some clubs have adapted to social distancing by setting the trail dead, and allowing the pack to run trail at any time during the day they choose.  I have also seen a few reports of clubs that have been able to continue on as they always have, just meeting and running together.  For some of those clubs that have suspended activities, life is beginning to make a turn back towards normal.  One example is the Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers that recently posted . . .  "We're Back!!  Yes! This coming Sunday 24th (May) P2H3 hits the truck and heads out of the city for the first run since we started locking ourselves away!"  This is so great to see, and hopefully we'll see a lot more reports like this from all over the world.


As some of you may understand, I thoroughly enjoy the history of the Hash House Harriers.  One of the earliest email lists for hash chatter was the original Hash-L at USC.  I was reminded when I looked up the links for the Way Back Machine below, that 10 years ago, the last post on that old list server was my "World Hash Events: July 2010" as stated by BBBB.  Remember back when E-mail was the primary method of communication?  Had a lot of great discussions on that old list.  BBBB hosts the new list via his website at   


The word has already gone out far and wide, that INTERHASH 2020 / 2021 . . . is now postponed until 2022 (but in case you missed it).  The INTERHASH committee recently posted the following information:

Over the last two years, our team, has worked tirelessly in preparation to host the Interhash in Trinidad and Tobago but Global events, in particular, the spread of the Covid-19 virus, frustrated our efforts to fulfill our mandate to host the event for the period 23rd- 26th 2020.  A difficult decision had to be made after consideration of the factors which undoubtedly created a total lack of access to Trinidad and Tobago and the services necessary to hold the event, but most importantly, consideration was given to the health and welfare of both the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and the international participants, which had to come first.  It has become clear that it would not be feasible for us to host the Interhash in Trinidad and Tobago until 2022, and following consultation with the Interhash Council, the Interhash Trinidad and Tobago has been postponed and would be hosted in Trinidad and Tobago on the dates listed below:

•       Red Dress Run – April 28th 2022
•       Interhash Trinidad - April 29th – May 1st 2022.
•       Tobago Pre Lube - April 23rd -25tth 2022.


Looking at the Hash Events Calendar, every event ended up getting postponed or cancelled in April, May, and June.  Half of July has already done the same, but there are a few still going forward at this time, including our H5 2000th Hash out here in Honolulu, Hawaii (fingers crossed).  The few other events still holding on are posted below. 


On the bright side, all the reduced activity has allowed me to catch up on a few things with the website, and have added over 100 new shirts to the International "Digital" Hash T-Shirt Museum.  There are now over 1600 shirts thanks to recent contributions from several hashers.  I also received several from the 70s and 80s from the son of "Spit" who unfortunately passed away several years ago.  His son found the shirts and popped up on FB and asked what hashing was all about.  After some discussion, he kindly took pictures of all his Dad's shirts and sent them in, including one that rates as one of the oldest hash T-shirts still in existence, from the Hunter H3 in Australia.     

There is no date on the shirt, just the run number of 150.  After a bit of research, I was able to find the history page of the old Hunter H3 website that was abandoned in 2002 . . . that lists the 150th run took place on 4 Dec 76.  The website goes on to describe the trail as . . . "This run was set by Grimps and Chuck Hurley at Walleroo State forest. The trail was wrecked by a force 10 gale and 40 brave souls ventured out on the run. Only to be soon hopelessly lost following paper that moved faster than they could. The On On was celebrated with much enjoyment and curried prawns followed by grilled steaks. Whacker entertained everyone by crashing his car and Hash act after Hash act followed. In fact, everything was there that you would expect to see at a circus, zoo and mental asylum."

Always looking for more submissions, instructions on how to submit can be found at - I am particularly interested in the big events, and any shirts from the 1970 (or before if any such shirts still exist).


From the Way Back Machine, hash happenings this month . . .





Upcoming hash events for the month of July 2020 are listed below.  See the website for more details:   

Jul 1-4 - Postponed to December
Birthday Bash
Hosted by Wild Wolf Productions in Pattaya, Thailand.

Jul 10-12 - Postponed to 2021
German Nash Hash
Hosted by the Stuttgart H3 near Stuttgart, Germany.

Jul 10-12
Alpacalypse Now!
Hosted by the Seattle H3 in Granite Falls, WA, USA.

Jul 10-12
Ohio Interhash
Hosted by the Athens H3 in New Marshfield, OH, USA.

Jul 18-21
2000th Run
Hosted by the Honolulu, Hawaii H3 in Honolulu, HI, USA.

Jul 24-26 - Cancelled
Camp Gonnawannalayme
Hosted by the Flour City H3 in Geneseo, NY, USA.

Jul 24-26
3rd Annual Backwoods Campout!
Hosted by the Palmetto H3 in Bowman, SC, USA.

Jul 31 - Aug 2 - Cancelled
The Boy Who Hashed Birthday Bash
Hosted by the Hogwarts H3 in Pittsboro, NC, USA.

See the whole two year calendar of events at         

If you know of an upcoming event not posted to the calendar, please send me the info. 


Hashing is fun!  See you on trail someday . . . :O)

Keeper of the old rusty pail, and Chief of the Royal Order of the Smelly Shoe!  (Since 1998)     


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