Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: Fwd: World Hash Events: April 2020

Fwd: World Hash Events: April 2020

Hello hashers,

April flowers bring . . . ???  Hopefully glorious hashing in Trinidad.  Yes, April is finally in our windshield of hashing events.  Less than 60 days until many of us are gathered up getting our shiggy on, followed by cold beer, down in the Caribbean.  If you plan to sell a rego, or pick one up for transfer, the established cut off date is 29 February (yes, the 29th, it's a leap year).  Hope to see many of you there.


Next, an update from Haggissimo on the worldwide hash efforts to support Australia . . .

It's been an amazing couple of months at ONONforOZ since we started on 12th January (see the Facebook page).  The original idea was that we might get a few hashes to organise an event for Australia Day on 26th January and send a few dollars to small Aussie Charities that are fighting the Bush Fires. Our fellow hasher Rover lost his life whilst volunteering for Belowra RFS (Rural Fire Services) and he was the inspiration that got us started.  What happened since has been totally gobsmacking. The Hash jungle drums started beating, mates invited mates. Over 1100 Hashers joined the group, over 100 hashes organised events, raised money, and pledged to send donations directly to our nominated charities. That total is now over AUD 35,000 plus an additional AUD 10,000 approx from the sale of patches.  Our last push is to create a commemorative Hash shirt to recognise those Hash Chapters that have supported the fund raising campaign. if your kennel would like to get involved please visit ONONforOZ and pledge to hold an event. Please note pledges should be made by 29th Feb to get your kennel's name on the Shirt (but you can hold your event on any date that suits).

Thank you for your ongoing support.  ON.... ON...
Haggissimo (and your admins ... Groinbiter, Megasaurarse)


Over the past couple months, I have been travel hashing around the South Pacific.  The available resources to find hash clubs there were very outdated, and after much research and visiting several islands, all the current details have been captured in a new hash contact page listing all the clubs that I could find in the Pacific (visiting Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan, Saipan, Guam, East Timor, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and now Papua New Guinea) . . . here is where you can hash on Pacific Islands . . .

Hashing is amazing on all these island paradise locations, and I'm always happy to receive updates and corrections.


In the Spotlight – Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands (located approximately 1000 miles north-east of Australia), like many of the island nations of the South Pacific has a long history of occupation and conquest.  In more modern history, European powers first visited the islands in 1568 when Spanish explorer Álvaro de Mendaña de Neira sailed from Peru in search of Australia.  He named them Islas Salomón (Solomon Islands), and then sailed on.  Centuries later, English explorer Captain Gibson arrived in 1893 and many of the southern islands were taken on as a British protectorate, and would be held until 1978.  Currently, the sovereign nation of Solomon Islands is made up of over 900 islands large and small, with the capital city of Honiara located on the island of Guadalcanal. 

The hash genealogy states that the hash arrived in Honiara on 11 July 1973, when Brian Leach and Derik Taysum organized the first running of the Honiara H3.  Longtime resident "Shorty" has been running with the Honiara H3 off and on for nearly 30 years, and he had many interesting stories to tell of hashing the Solomon Islands, and backpacking around Asia.  Another hash club was formed in Honiara in September of 1996, when Jeff "Rabbi" Moore and Tom "Claymore" Schoen formed the Honiara Full Moon H3.  Neither hash club has any recorded offspring, but nearly 50 years later, the Honiara H3 is still running strong, and is a family friendly hash. 

During my recent visit, I joined a pack of about 25 up on Vavaea Ridge, for a trail that was mostly on dirt roads and tracks, traversing up and down the hillsides behind the city.  Cost to the join the hash was about 60 cents US, which covered the down downs.  For a separate fee, and you could buy individual beers for about $2.50 per can.  Water and softies were about $1.25.  Circle was short and to the point, with only one song, but that is common with many of the island hash clubs in the South Pacific.  The pack was very friendly, and following the circle some of the hashers enjoyed dinner at one of the Chinese establishments in Honiara. Great times here in the South Pacific, and no doubt, if you get the chance make sure to join the Honiara H3. 

For many more articles like this on the history of hashing, check out . . .


From the Way Back Machine, hash happenings this month . . .





Upcoming hash events for the month of April 2020 are listed below.  See the website for more details:   

Apr 3-5
2000th Run
Hosted by the Capital H3 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Apr 3-5
Venice Kilt Hash XI
Hosted by the Sacile Madness, Sembach, and Vicenza Derelicts in Venezia, Italy

Apr 3-5
Ginnie Springs
Hosted by the LUSH in High Springs, FL, USA.

Apr 3-5
H4 is in H5
Hosted by the Hangover H3 and Harrisburg Hershey H3 in Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Apr 10-12
Green Jacket Run
Hosted by the Peach Fuzz H3 in Leesville, SC, USA.

Apr 11-19
Prelube to Interhash Caribbean Cruise
Hosted by the Moon Over Barbados H3 in the Caribbean.

Apr 17-19
Prelube to Interhash
If you can't participate in the whole cruise, catch the end in Barbados.

Apr 17-19
Cheap Mexican
Hosted by the Carolina Trash H3 in Raeford, NC, USA,

Apr 17-19
Texas Interhash
Hosted by the Dallas Fort Worth H3 in Red Oak, TX, USA.

Apr 24-26
Fest Hash
Hosted by the Stuttgart H3 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Apr 24-26
World Interhash
Hosted by the Port O Spain H3 in Trinidad.

Apr 24-26
Hosted by the Chattahoochee Valley H3 in Fort Benning, GA, USA.

Apr 24-26
22nd Anal KGB Memorial Red Dress Run
Hosted by the Jax H3 in Neptune Beach, FL, USA.

Apr 24-26
Camp Lebowski
Hosted by the Tallahassee & Area H3 in Quincy, FL, USA.

Apr 28 - May 3
Postlube Cruise
Caveat: Commercial Event Babe's Hash Cruises from Curacao to Ft. Lauderdale, FL

See the whole two year calendar of events at         

If you know of an upcoming event not posted to the calendar, please send me the info. 


Hashing is fun!  See you on trail someday . . . :O)

Keeper of the old rusty pail, and Chief of the Royal Order of the Smelly Shoe!  (Since 1998)     


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