Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: Mismanagement Committee - erections

Mismanagement Committee - erections

Dear Hashers.

Getting serious's erection time! Have you ever thought you could do a better job of running the PP Hash? Almost everyone has, I know! But why don't you join the mismanagement committee and leave your mark(s) on our Hash.

Positions available are:

Grand Master - the number one person
Religious Advisor - the number two person who thinks they are number one
Hash Cash - Collect money, count money, bank money, report on money. Show them the money.
Hasherdashery - promotional merchandise manager, including dealing with merch suppliers
Hash Brew - organise the drinks, make arrangements with suppliers
Hash Stats - collect the names of Sunday Hash attendees and record them accurately in the database
Digital Promotion - runs the web site and Facebook page
Hair Raiser - makes sure we have hares marking the trail for every Sunday
Beer Beetch - fills metal cups with beer. Non gender specific role; beetch you will be
Hash Design - helps with graphic design of the merchandise, logos and other arty stuff.
Choir Master - it'd be great if we can get some new songs in the circle!

Send us a message on FB or via email if you want to know more. The current GM, Smelly Cod Piece, will be happy to explain!

On On!