Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers: Hash Ball - pay this weekend or pay more!

Hash Ball - pay this weekend or pay more!

Hey Bongs & Ouns.

Next Sunday is the final day for payment for attendance at the 2016 hash ball, the best party ever(!).

People can pay either:
  • at the run itself;
  • during the week to a Hash committee member;
  • at Velkommen Guesthouse on street 144 close to the riverside. If payment is made here, the money should be put in an envelope together with the payee's name and phone number. A notification of the payment should then be sent by email to
Anyone who tries to pay on the night of the party itself will incur an extra charge of $5, or 20,000 riel, or sexual favours to a committee members member.

Thank you!

On On!