Sunday Hash 14 January

Tomorrow's trail is set it will be a boat trip Koh Meas (Meas Island). Meet at the Phnom Penh dockyard. behind CDC along the river at 2:15 or the train station at 2:00pm. Hares are Heart of Darkness, From Behind and Just Peris.

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Sunday Hash 7 January

Tomorrow's run will start from near the National Polytechnic Institute off the Phnom Penh bypass. Meet at the Train Station at 2:00pm. Hare is Heart of Darkness. On On!

Sunday Hash 31st December

The trail for the Sunday Hash is set.
Starting at the train station at 14.00 (2PM).
Don't bring any vehicles please, it is an A to B walk and there may be more than one half way - yes PP Hash's have more than two halves!
Hare is 'From Behind'.

There will be plenty of time to clean up for the New Years Eve Party later in the night.

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NYE Party - Update!

Some more info regarding the New Year's Eve Party at Harmony River Hotel (on the riverside).
Cost per person to be $10, this includes food and a glass of sparkling wine at midnight. Suggested meeting time to be 7.30pm (19.30).
We have arranged for the food to be served at 8.30pm (20.30).
We have negotiated a deal on drinks (and the food). Draught beer $1 all night. Bottled beers discounted by $1 (i.e. Cambodia $2, Tiger and Corona $3). Red wine $10 a bottle.
On arrival, please inform the staff that you are part of the Hash otherwise they will try to get you to hand over $5. The lady owner is doing this so that she does not get people just turning up for the view (fireworks) and not buying anything.
We will be issuing wrist bands so the staff know who we are.
** Let us know if you are going to attend. **
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New Years Eve Party - rebooted!

We have a New Year's Eve Party! At least 12 people have already confirmed. The venue is the rooftop bar at Harmony River Hotel (
Further details to follow but we need to know numbers so that we can let the owner know how much wine, food, beer etc we require. Cheers - On On!

Sunday Hash 24th December

The trail is set for this Sunday (24th December 2017). The Hares are From Behing, My Hose Makes You Wet and Smelly Codpiece. Meet at the Naga Ferry Terminal (Kampong Chamlong Phnom Penh Areiy Ksatr) at 2.15pm (do not go to the Railway Station this week). After the Hash, From Behing has kindly offered to host a Barbecue on his balcony overlooking the Tonle Sap River near Street 144. There will be an additional charge of $2 only (in order to cover additional beer consumption) for this for those who wish to attend. On on!

Receding Hareline!

RECEDING HARELINE - URGENT hares needed for January!
24 Dec - From Behing & My Hose Makes You Wet & Smelly Codpiece
31 Dec - From Behing bring
07 Jan - BALD!
14 Jan - BALD!
21 Jan - BALD!
28 Jan - some Ozzies (26th is Aus day)
11 Mar - From Behing and Herring Choker (Nash Hash)
22 April - Mr Tinkle - St George's Day