Sunday Hash 19th April

Ok Hashers, the run is set for tomorrow. We are meeting and running out from the train station. The trail is on Churoy Changvar.

See you all tomorrow at the train station 2 PM.
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Sunday Hash 12th April

Tomorrow's run start from pre bongkong pagoda. Meet at Areiy Ksatr (AKA Naga) ferry station or the railway station at 2pm. Hares are Hart of darkness and Rocks on.

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Friday Full Moon Hash & Saturday Bike Hash

Hi Hashers.

This Friday is the monthly full moon run and on Saturday is the monthly bike hash.

Head over to their respective Facebook pages for more information.

Full Moon Hash (link)

Bike Hash (link)

On On!
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Sunday hash 29 march

The Hash will be running as usual Sunday. Leaving from the train station at 2pm. The run will be in Cambodia.
On on!

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Sunday Hash 22nd March

Tomorrow's hash, 22nd of march, as usual meet at the train station at 2pm.

Trail is set by Gerold and Jerry. The hash will be somewhere out of Phnom Penh. On On!

Sunday Hash 15 March

Hash Sunday 15th March 2015
The trail is set in what used to be an area of outstanding national beauty, but now “Development” has taken over.
This is the area where I taught that one time runner, Herring Choker, now an old walker, how to set good trails.
The trail will start from the Tiger Brewery, (Address: Tiger Beer Road, Of National Road No. 1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia) registrations will be as normal 2.00pm at the train station for a 2.30pm departure.
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PS, as the trail is so good only enough ice to keep the beers cold will be necessary, no extra ice needed.