Mismanagement Committee - erections

Dear Hashers.

Getting serious here...it's erection time! Have you ever thought you could do a better job of running the PP Hash? Almost everyone has, I know! But why don't you join the mismanagement committee and leave your mark(s) on our Hash.

Positions available are:

Grand Master - the number one person
Religious Advisor - the number two person who thinks they are number one
Hash Cash - Collect money, count money, bank money, report on money. Show them the money.
Hasherdashery - promotional merchandise manager, including dealing with merch suppliers
Hash Brew - organise the drinks, make arrangements with suppliers
Hash Stats - collect the names of Sunday Hash attendees and record them accurately in the database
Digital Promotion - runs the web site and Facebook page
Hair Raiser - makes sure we have hares marking the trail for every Sunday
Beer Beetch - fills metal cups with beer. Non gender specific role; beetch you will be
Hash Design - helps with graphic design of the merchandise, logos and other arty stuff.
Choir Master - it'd be great if we can get some new songs in the circle!

Send us a message on FB or via email if you want to know more. The current GM, Smelly Cod Piece, will be happy to explain!

On On!

Sunday Hash 17th June

Tommorrow's run is set - pack your water wings and machetes cos its going to be wet and wild!
start point is back road behind Wat Kouk Ampil....for those with cars here are coordinates 11.461310, 104.913466 https://goo.gl/maps/1Vfyy91xs4S2

The truck will leave from the PP train station as usual. Meet at the train station at 2PM.

On on 

Cheap Date and Loan Shark

Hareline Report - merkin free


17 June - Cheap Shark and Loan Date
24 June - Flaccido Domingo
01 July - Sucking Fag & IT Can't Paint
08 July - Thalidoskid & Sir Pants - 4th July!!
15 July - BALD!

Last chance to believe your vote has an impact!

Vote for the location of the next Water Festival Outstation run

Click the link below. Takes about 1 minute. Easy to do on the phone too. Only question 1 is required, skip the rest if you want.


Sunday Hash 10th June

The trail for Sunday is set! On Silk Island! Boat and BBQ run! Meet at the riverside opposite Wat Phnom at 2:15. Hares are Um Coming, Tinkle Spinner and Sophany. On on!

Hareline report. No one likes to be bald. Except eagles, perhaps.

10 June - Um Coming & Sophany
17 June - Cheap Shark and Loan Date
24 June - Flaccido Domingo
01 July - Sucking Fag & Thalidoskid
08 July - BALD!
15 July - BALD!
22 July - Thalidoskid & Sir Pants - belated 4th July!!

Boat Hash! Sunday 10th June

Here ye, Here ye. The hash on Sunday, 10th June will be a boat and BBQ hash. Don't miss it!