Countdown to Kratie Outstation Trip!

Hey, Hashers

Less than 10 days to go to kick-off at on Wednesday, 21st Nov.

You need to book your hotel room, tell us your t-shirt size and pay!

We're staying at River Dolphin Hotel, which has rooms ranging from $5 - $45. You can see the room types and rates here:

Once you've selected your room, fill in the form at this link:

If you have any problems, you can email us on or post to the facebook group.

The cut-off date for registrations and payments is Sunday, 18th Nov.

On on!

Sunday Hash 11 November

Tomorrow's Hash starts at a school east of Takhmau along the Bassac River:

Hares are Spank Me Lots, My Hose Makes you Wet and Hockey Hooker.

See you at the railway station at 2:15PM. ON ON!

Kratie Outstation run - pay before 18th !

We're having a run or three in Kratie while the Water Festival is on - November 21st to 23rd.

REMINDER! Register, via email, and pay, if in Cambodia, by Sunday 18th or face a price increase of $10 !

Hotel: We will be staying at . We will make a group reservation. If you want to find people to share a room with, please post in the Facebook event page or do the old fashioned thing and call someone.
If you want to make a hotel booking FILL IN THE FORM AT THIS LINK:

Send an email to to register your attendance.

- $35 foreigners, who've hared
- $25 Cambodians, who've hared
- $55 standard price, if you have not hared
- $10 kids (no t-shirt).

The trip includes: bus fare, 3 runs, 2 meals, and a t-shirt. Bus leaves from the train station at 5AM on the 21st.

On On!

Hareline Report

Hareline Report - 25 November - BALD!

We need hares! Do you want a Hash name? Do you want to drink beer for free? Then become a hare! (And we will pay for the paint!).

11 NOV - Big Man Go, Spank Me Lots and *a co-hare* (volunteers welcome!)
18 NOV - From Behing (as walking hare) & tony starks brother
21 - 23 NOV - Kratie Outstation Run!
25 NOV - BALD!
27 January 2019 - IT Can't Paint (Straya Day)
21 April 2019 - Mr. Tinkle
7 July 2019 - Sir Pants

Sunday Hash 4th November

Nice short 8km (4km walk) this week at Phnom Prasit. This time starting at the top of the hill (our usual half-way point, just down the road from the North Prasit Pagoda). The penalty for shortcutting is beheading!

Hares are Sucking Fag and Thalidoskid.

See you at the railway station at 2:15PM!

On On!

Sunday Hash 28 October

Tomorrow's trail is set. Hares are Flaccido Domingo and Emma Power. It will start from opposite Koh Krobey Pagoda. Meet at the train station at 2pm. For those who want to drive straight to the start, use the google map.,104.967772&shorturl=1
near Sangkat Preaek Thmei, Phnom Penh



Sponsor: Cambodia Beer

Sponsor: Cambodia Beer