Sunday Hash 22 May

Sunday's Hash is set, it's fricking hot out there. This promises to be the best trail since last weeks. Just joking, last weeks was ' shitty shitty trail" .
 It's so good you'll be cumming in your shorts.
 Meet at the train station at 2pm for a 2.30 departure or go straight to the trail start which is next to and behind Tiger Brewery.
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Full Moon Hash - rebooted!

Hey hashers.


The committee of the PP Full Moon Hash have announced the first event of the revamped, reformatted, reversed Full Moon Hash!


"The Full Moon Hash group meets on the Friday night closest to the full moon for a pub crawl and walk around different parts of Phnom Penh. Starting in May, we will be meeting every other month, so for 2016 this means May, July, September, November, and then a special holiday walk in December. Meeting times and locations will be announced on this page. We look forward to seeing everyone out, and as always, feel free to bring along friends, acquaintances, or the random person you met at the bar last night.

Hash House Harriers is a drinking group with a running problem, and this special chapter focuses on the former..."


Find some info on their Facebook page:

And the first event to be held this coming Friday here:


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Sunday Hash 8th May

Ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of Hash House Harriers, captain Wildschwein and co pilot Jerry Cunt would like you to invite for our journey P2H3 , leaving Sunday at the train station 2.15 pm, with a stop over at Naga ferry. From there we will leave at 2.30 . On this trip we will have free drinks and entertainment. This is a budget trip for 5$, so no food included. Bring yourself. On the way back our DJ's Jesus and Yogi bear will entertain you with live music. We expect lots of sunshine, so an umbrella or cap or whatever for protection is recommended. See you Sunday 😊 about 2pm.

Kampot Outstation Run - June 2016

PPHHH Kampot June Outstation run is fast approaching!

Departing Friday 17 June for Kampot, returning Sunday 19 June at 7PM; leaving at 8:30 AM from the train station.

Exact price will be announced shortly! Send us an email if you are 100% sure you will go, else wait for the price announcement here on the web site and Facebook.

On On!


Sunday Hash 1 May

***Bring Swimwear!!!!***

Meet at the train station at 2:00pm.

A special run means special prices! $8 for Foreigners and $5 for Cambodians. Regular hashers pay the regular price.

No other details except bring your swimwear!