Sunday hash 21 August

Tomorrow afternoon: Sunday 21st August 2016 - Phnom penh hash across the river "Lotus Flower Run " - Appointment in front of Railway station at 2 pm as usual or at Naga Ferry Port.

The trail tomorrow is set. 4-5km for walkers and 10-11km for runners. Start point is in front of the gas station Tela 79 and Wat Sarikakeo. It's A-A run

Meeting at 2pm at railway station or 2:15pm at Naga ferry.

Hares are bungasconi and Lam.

Pre lube to the Mekong Indochina hash - 29/30 October

The Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers (P2H3) pre lube to the Mekong Indochina hash is set for Saturday the 29th - Sunday the 30th of October 2016, and registration is now open.

Saturday 29th - Bar/Pub crawl starting 6pm
Sunday 30th - Main run starting at 1pm
Sunday 30th - On On On dinner at 7pm.

Cost: $60
Payment on arrival at Velkommen Guesthouse, Street 144, in Phnom Penh on 29th, but any payment before that date will be appreciated.

For more information and registration, send us email at or use the form on the right of the web page.

Hash Ball - pay this weekend or pay more!

Hey Bongs & Ouns.

Next Sunday is the final day for payment for attendance at the 2016 hash ball, the best party ever(!).

People can pay either:
  • at the run itself;
  • during the week to a Hash committee member;
  • at Velkommen Guesthouse on street 144 close to the riverside. If payment is made here, the money should be put in an envelope together with the payee's name and phone number. A notification of the payment should then be sent by email to
Anyone who tries to pay on the night of the party itself will incur an extra charge of $5, or 20,000 riel, or sexual favours to a committee members member.

Thank you!

On On!

Sunday Hash 14 August

This weeks run is near the old capital city of Oudong!

Meet at the train station at 2PM.

And bring your Hash Ball money!

On On!

Hareline - Bald!

The Receding Hareline: BALD - 21 August, 28 August, 4 September, 11 September, 18 September
Hareline looking in dire straits again.....
Current Hareline:
14 Aug - Heart of Darkness
21 Aug - BALD
28 Aug - BALD
4 Sep - BALD
11 Sep - BALD
18 Sep - BALD
23 Apr 2017 - Mr Tinkles

Get in touch with Anneliese (Cheap Date) or send us a message from the web site.

Sunday Hash 7th August

For tomorrow's run Thalidoskid and Sucking Fag will take you to their regular stomping ground, Preah Theat Pagoda for a 10km run and 5km walk. See you at the train station at 2PM. And bring your Hash Ball money!
On on!