Kratie Outstation run - update!

We're having a run or three in Kratie while the Water Festival is on - November 21st to 23rd.
- $35 foreigners, who've hared
- $25 Cambodians, who've hared
- $55 standard price, if you have not hared
- $10 kids (no t-shirt).

The trip includes: bus fare, 3 runs, 2 meals, and a t-shirt. Bus leaves from the train station at 5AM on the 21st.

Hotel: We will be staying at . We will make a group reservation. If you want to find people to share a room with, please post in the Facebook event page or do the old fashioned thing and call someone.
If you want to make a hotel booking FILL IN THE FORM AT THIS LINK:

And send an email to to register your attendance.

On On!

Hareline Report - receding!

Hareline Report - 4 November - Bald!
We need hares! Do you want a Hash name? Do you want to drink beer for free? Then become a hare! (And we will pay for the paint!).
21 OCT - Pussy Riot Collective.
28 OCT - Sucking Fag.
11 NOV - BALD!
18 NOV - BALD!
21 - 23 NOV - Kratie Outstation Run!

Sunday Hash 14th October

Sunday's Hash will be somewhere near Prek Ho village, probably. See you at the train station at 2.15PM. Hare is IT Can't Paint.

Hareline report - plucked!

Hareline Report - October 14, 28 - Bald! 
We need hares! Do you want a Hash name? Then become a hare!
14 Oct - BALD
21 OCT - Pussy Riot Collective!
28 OCT - BALD!

Hareline report - BALD!

Hareline Report - October (all of it) - Bald! 
We need hares! Do you want a Hash name? Then become a hare!
7 Oct - BALD!
14 Oct - BALD
28 OCT - BALD!

Send us an email or visit the FB page to let us know you want to hare.



Sponsor: Cambodia Beer

Sponsor: Cambodia Beer