Sunday Hash 16th September

Off to the Areyksat side of the river tomorrow. Your hares have gone to great lengths to ensure you won't get confused by old marks.
Traveling thru Cambodia's Lakes district, where you may sight some watery fowls, our starting point is dedicated not to Buddha but has a decidedly more commercial vibe.
Your run/walk starts hard but quickly develops an earthy feel that will put you in touch with Cambodia.
After mid run refreshments, your hares have taken a leaf from Messers Fag & Codpiece's hangover run & included an exciting water traverse. Which is another way of saying water theme park. Sadly we were not able to add this attraction to the walk.
The run concludes with a ramble thru an exciting mix of rural & commercial vistas.

Meet at the Naga ferry at 2:15 PM -

Hareline Report - receding!!

Hareline Report - 23 September - Bald!

We need hares! Do you want a Hash name? Then become a hare!

16 Sept - Comes Last (& maybe Comes Thrice) & Robert W Starkweather
23 Sept- BALD!
30 Sept - BALD!
7 Oct - BALD!

Sunday Hash 9th August

In honor of our fallen friend, we have decided to re-run the Kamikaze Trail!
There are cows, ducks, lakeside running, rice-paddy running, kamikaze leaps and autobahn running.
We will start in a field opposite a house about 200m south of Wat Toap Chambok Meas.

See you at the railway station at 2:10PM.

On On!

Kratie Outstation Run

We're having a run or two in Kratie while the Water Festival is on - Nov 21 to Nov 23.
Prices for Regular Hashers: Barang - $50, Khmer - $30, Child - $10. Non-Regulars/Visitors plus +$20. Hotel is extra at around $10 to $15 per night. Dolphins are free.
Send an email to to register your attendance.

Hareline Report - receding!

Hareline Report. 23 September - Bald!

We need hares! Do you want a Hash Name? Then become a hare!

09 Sept - Thalidoskid and Sucking Fag
16 Sept - Comes Last (& maybe Comes Thrice) & Tony Stark's Brother
23 Sept- BALD!
30 Sept - BALD!



Sponsor: Cambodia Beer

Sponsor: Cambodia Beer