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Sunday Hash 4 October

Sunday Run 4th October we are taking the ferry to Silk Island (not Naga Ferry as previously mentioned).

Hash Haberdashery (shirts, bras, underwear, lingerie and other toys) will be available for purchase at the train station.

Everyone meet at Train Station at 2pm....on on!


Battambang Outstation Run! November 24-27. Full details will be announced soon!


November Outstation Run - announcement!

Hey Hashers!

This year's Outstation run will take place around Battambang! The dates are 24-27 November. These dates cover the three days (Tue, Wed, Thur) of the Water Festival. You may want to organise Friday 27th off from work if necessary, as we will return to Phnom Penh on the bus that day.

Pricing to be announced soon. Sign up for Hash emails on www.p2h3.com.

On On!

Sunday Hash price change

Hi Hashers.

The P2H3 mismanagement committee has revised the pricing for the Sunday Hash, effective from this Sunday 4th October. The pricing change affects children under 16. The prices are:

  • Foreigners 16 years and older - $5
  • Cambodians 16 years and older - $3
  • Children under 16 years - $1
Thank you.
The P2H3 Mismanagement Committee

Sunday Hash 27 September

Sunday's trail has been set by Smelly codpiece, Paparratsa and Jerry Cant. See you at Naga ferry and or train station at 2 pm. Bring umbrella for raining or sunshine .
Attention : Any bad comments or critics about the trail will be punished by having to set the trail for next week. ��.
So bring your good moods!

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Sunday 20th September Hash Trail Set

Sunday Hash 20th September 2015

The trail is set for this weeks Hash. Meet at the train station at 2.00pm. The Trail starts from Prasat Phnom Reap Pagoda. The Running Hares are Smelly Codpiece and Ben and the Walking Hares are Paparasa and Jingjing. On on!

New Mismanagement Committee

Know your new mismanagement Committee. 

1. GM - Shocking cock.
2. RA - Supper Woman
3. Hash Beer - Herring Choker
4. Hash Cash - PPR
5. Hare Raiser - Loan Shark
6. Hash Stats - Smelly Codpiece
7. Song Master - Sucking Fag
8. Web Bastard - It can't Paint
9. Hash Hab - Cheap Date & Herring Choker.

And well done to the previous one for a great Hash Ball last Saturday night!

On on!