Sunday Hash 20 May

Sunday's run starts here:
and ends here
Go to the train station in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by around 2PM to be taken to this location where the run will begin. You will need to pay your money at some point and we keep count; so don't mess with us or the karma police will deal with you. Hares are IT Can't Paint, IT Cannot Paint and special assistance from IT is unable to Paint. On On!

Vote for Water Festival Outstation run location

Click the link below. Takes about 1 minute. Easy to do on the phone too. Only question 1 is required, skip the rest if you want.

Hareline Report

13 May - Flaccido Domingo
20 May - IT Can't Paint
27 May - Thalidoskid & Sucking Fag
03 June - BALD!

Vote! November Outstation Run Location!

Where do you want the November Outstation run to be held?

You can vote!

Click here to participate in our limited democracy!

On On!

Hareline report! BALD!

RECEDING HARELINE! - 6h May, volunteers Needed!
29 Apr - Loan Date & Cheap Shark
06 May - BALD!
13 May - BALD!
20 May - BALD!
27 May - BALD!

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Sunday Hash 22 April

Hashers, we trust you are ready for your annual hashing masterclass.

Sunday's run will start from Scoutmaster's house (or somewhere near there).

Approx. location of Scoutmaster's house: 11°27'38.73"N, 104°58'35.97"E.

There will be traditional English food, drink and merriment after the run.


As usual, we will meet at the PP Railway Station at 2PM on Sunday and a truck will take everyone to the run start location.



Sunday Hash 15 April

Sunday's run starts from the back of Sovann Sakor  Pagoda.  Meet at Naga Ferry at 2:15pm.

No truck at the train station tomorrow.
On on.