Sunday Hash 22 April

Hashers, we trust you are ready for your annual hashing masterclass.

Sunday's run will start from Scoutmaster's house (or somewhere near there).

Approx. location of Scoutmaster's house: 11°27'38.73"N, 104°58'35.97"E.

There will be traditional English food, drink and merriment after the run.


As usual, we will meet at the PP Railway Station at 2PM on Sunday and a truck will take everyone to the run start location.



Sunday Hash 15 April

Sunday's run starts from the back of Sovann Sakor  Pagoda.  Meet at Naga Ferry at 2:15pm.

No truck at the train station tomorrow.
On on.

Sunday Hash 8th April

The trail is set for Sunday. The Walking Hares are Chenda, My Hose Makes You Wet and Paparassa and the Running Hare is Smelly Codpiece.
Meet at the Railway Station at 2.00 pm.
For those who wish to make their own way there the starting point is at the school opposite Wat Sla Kaet, past Kien Svay on National Route 1.

On on!

Hareline Report!

RECEDING HARELINE! - 6th May, volunteers Needed!

08 Apr - Smelly Codpiece & Comes Last (or My Hose Makes You Wet and Chenda)
15 Apr - Flaccido Domingo.
22 Apr - Mr Tinkle - St George's Day
29 Apr - Loan Date & Cheap Shark
06 May - BALD!

Der Tulip Eater

Dear all.

The wake for Kaj Petersen will be arranged by the Copenhagen Hash House Harriers - a global social running club.
Kaj founded the Copenhagen chapter in 1980 after having learned of the club while working for A. P. Møller in Hong Kong. Kaj continued running with the club until his untimely departure.
In order for us to estimate how many people will attend, we ask you to please fill out this form no later than 9th of April.

If you cannot attend, but would like to send flowers, please fill out the form as well and we will contact you with details.

A sign-up form for the wake:

On On!

Sunday Hash 1st April (you fool)

The trail is set for Sunday, April 1st at the helpfully named "Buddhist Temple" ( ). Trail approx. 9km long. Meet at 2:15pm at the Train Station or 2:30 pm at the Naga Ferry ( ).

On On!

Hare report - BALD!

COMPLETELY BALD!! - 8th April, volunteers Needed!

01 Apr - Sucking Fag & IT Can't Paint - April Fool's Day & Easter weekend!
08 Apr - BALD!
15 Apr - BALD!
22 Apr - Mr Tinkle - St George's Day