P2H3 Danger! Hash!

P2H3 Danger! Hash!

Hash Headlines from Around the World


Sunday Hash 2nd August

The Sunday Hash will run from the Tiger Brewery!
Meet at the PP Train Station at 2PM.

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Sunday Hash 26 July

The trail is set for tomorrow's Hash (Sunday 26th). Meet at 2.15pm Railway Station or 2.30pm Naga Ferry. $3 Khmer and $5 Foreigner. This weeks Hares are Jerry Cunt, Paparasa and Smelly Codpiece. On on!

Sunday Hash 12 July

Run is set for Sunday. Hares are Heart Of Darkness and Herring Choker. Meet at Naga Ferry 2.30pm or train Station 2.15pm. The run will be about 7-8 km and on a nice environment with a lot of shadow. We aiming for no fuck ups and run of the year.

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Sunday Hash 5th July

This weeks trail is set for the boat and bbq run. There's no truck. so meet on the river side opposite Wat Phnom. $8 for visitors and $5 for the locals.

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Full Moon Hash, Bike Hash and Boat Hash this week!

Hey Hashers!


The Full Moon Hash is this Friday evening and the monthly Bike Hash is this Saturday afternoon. Don’t forget the special Boat Hash this coming Sunday afternoon.

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Sunday Hash 28 June

Tomorrow's trial is set waiting for you to come and run it. It will start and end at Wat Kork Ormpel south of Killing Field. It was hot today, and the temperature was 34. It might be cooler tomorrow as the forecast says it will 32 and cloudy On On.

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