Kampot Outstation - Guesthouse booking

Hi people!
The hash have booked 13 rooms for the Kampot outstation run, at Vibola Guesthouse (https://www.facebook.com/Vibola-GuestHouse-1386979408296509/) for 2 nights (Friday 17th and Saturday 18th). All the rooms are $15/night with double beds, private bathrooms and A/C. It's very clean, central and even has a small pool!
Just send an email to vibolaguesthouse@gmail.com and book a room under "Phnom Penh Hash".
For people who want to share a room, you can post on the Facebook event page and make contact with others: https://www.facebook.com/events/1749981875317335/

And please bring your Kampot kash to the Hash this coming Sunday, to ensure your participation in the run!

On On!

Sunday Hash 26 Feb

The trail is set, boat Hash. meet at the train station or the tourist boat dock east of Wat Phnom. Map: 


Hareline Report - Baldness Cure Needed!


26 Feb - From Behing, My Hose Makes You Wet and IT Can't Paint
05 Mar - BALD
12 Mar- BALD
19 Mar - Kampot Outstation
26 Mar - Sucking Fag
23 Apr (St. George's Day) 2017 - Mr Tinkles

Kampot Outstation Run - 17 March

The first Outstation Run for the year will be in Kampot!

17 – 19 March.

The price will be $40.00 for Regular Hashers, $60.00 for Non-Hashers and $20.00 for children aged 4 to 14.

The price includes:

Train to kampot, Friday 3PM.

Transport to run start points.

Return bus to PP, Sunday 4:30 PM.

Liquid refreshments on each run

Outstation T-shirt.

Saturday supper and Sunday lunch.

Accommodation not included, but the recommended Hash Hotel for the weekend will be Vibola Hotel at $15 per night, or, organise your own sleeping arrangements.

The train to Kampot leaves at 3PM so please do not be late!

Use the Contact Us form to right to let us know your interest in this event. 

Sunday Hash 19 Feb

We will start tomorrow's run from the Kampong Kdol Pagoda. Head out past the Killing Fields, turn right just before the bridge over the river. Kampong Kdol is the wat adjacent to the second bridge. Can someone please instruct the driver to use Monireth? The road out is good all the way now; there is no reason to drive halfway to Tak Kmao and then come in from the east.

See you at the train station at 2PM. On on. 

Sunday Hash 12 Feb.

The trail is set. Meet at the train station at 2PM, or just go directly to the Naga Ferry before 2:30PM. https://goo.gl/maps/dbpuLab7k6o.
The hares are From Behing and Herring Choker. On On!

February Full Moon Hash - Saturday 11

For this month's full moon hash we'll be having a special event to include a sunset boat (booze) cruise on the Mekong, followed by a leisurely walk and pub crawl around the city. We will meet at Velkommen and be on out by 5:00PM - come early and enjoy a beer, but if you're late you will be left behind!

We'll do a 1 km walk to the boat, and a two hour boat cruise. After that, we'll do a three bar pub crawl, with a total distance of 3 km walk. At the first bar, you'll be able to order some food for dinner.

The boat cruise, including beers, will be $5, and the pub crawl will be pay as you go (we'll try to negotiate cheap prices). If you want to bring wine and/or liquor for the boat, that is not a problem and you are welcome to.

If you'll be joining please RSVP so we can try and get a sense of the number of people for planning purposes.


or send us an email.