Annual Hash Ball 2017 - full details

Drum roll.....
The Annual Hash Ball is now set for Saturday, 9th September at Doors!
Prices: $25 for hashers who pay in advance. $40 for non-hashers and $40 for tickets on the door. $100 for kids.
Make payment to PPR or Sucking Fag on the Sunday Hash or to Herring Choker at Velkommen Guesthouse, Street 144.
On on!

Sunday Hash 13th August

The #ucking trail is set, it was &ucking hot, %ucking dirty and "sucking" wet.
The meeting point is at 11.436696, 104.87417 for all those who want to take the direct route and have their own transportation. For all the others same procedure, 2pm at the train station.
We have a special one: Provida is sponsoring this hash! The winner of the running group, provided he or she plays by the rules, gets box of Provida 1.5L he or she can then take home!
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Sunday Hash 6th August

It's a very special Harriettes run this week with both a swimming pool and a bbq!
Price $8 for barangs, $6 for Khmer, $2 for under 16 children.
Meet at the train station at 2PM.
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Sunday Hash 30 July.

This week's trail (Sunday 30th July) is set. The hares are Paparasa and Smelly Codpiece.
Meet in front of the train station main entrance at 2.00pm or near the toilets at Naga Ferry terminal at 2.30pm.
 For those who are too infirm, elderly (or both) to ride on the truck, and wish to make their own way there, the start point is the school just to the right of Wat Mot Krosas Knong (វត្តស្វាយអណ្ដែត in Khmer) in Ta Skor Village - map co-ordinates 11°33'03.0"N 105°01'10.2"E
(11.550836, 105.019493) -
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Hares needed for all of September and most of October and November.

06 Aug - Big Man Go (Harriets Run)
13 Aug - Morning Glory
20 Aug - Lubricate Me and Kinky Panda
27 Aug - Sucking Fag, Smelly Codpiece and Flaccido Domingo

01 Oct - Germans! 03 is German re-unification day
12 Nov - From Behing and Herring Choker (Inter-Mekong Post Lube)

28 Jan - some Ozzies (26th is Aus day)
11 Mar - From Behing and Herring Choker (Nash Hash)
22 April - Mr Tinkle

Sunday Hash 23 July

Sunday's run will begin at Khpup Andaet Pagoda near Takamou:
If you choose to drive yourself, we recommend using Street 21 and turning at the location in the photo, here:
Hares are IT Can't Paint and Sucking Fag.
See you at the Railway Station at 2PM. On On!

Sunday Hash 16 July

Trail is set... and there will be cows, lots of cows
meet at the train station at 2pm or at Naga Ferry at 2:15. be on time, Germans set the trail!